Richard St. John is a success expert, but has he ever achieved any personal success himself? Let’s see what he’s done:

  • He achieved corporate success as ten-year member of scientific staff at Nortel’s R&D labs
  • Entrepreneurial success as founder of The St. John Group.
  • Financial success in business.
  • Won highest awards in business communications.
  • Has a first-degree black belt in judo.
  • Cycled halfway around the world on a ten-speed bike.
  • Has run over 100 marathons on all 7 continents.
  • Climbed two of the world’s Seven Summits

Okay, so he has achieved some success. Nice, but it doesn’t make him a success “expert.” Every taxi driver in New York can tell you what you should do to succeed. What makes St. John different?

  • He spent ten years researching success and doing over 1,000 interviews with many “Greats.”
  • Spoke face-to-face with Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, the Google founders, etc.
  • Created one of the world’s largest databases on success.
  • Discovered The 8 Traits Successful People have in Common.
  • Wrote the bestselling book 8 To Be Great.
  • Is consistently rated the “Most Inspirational Speaker” by audiences.
  • Has shared the stage with Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and General David Petraeus.
  • His TED Talk “8 Secrets of Success” has over 12 million views and is a “Top 40 TED Talk.”

St. John shares an incredible wealth of wisdom from the world's most successful people, knowledge that everyone can apply to their own success, and the success of the company or organization they represent.

So, when taxi drivers start telling you about success, suggest they drive over to Richard St. John’s place and listen to a real expert.

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