• Empowers Students
  • Builds Career Motivation
  • Plants the Seeds for Success


Today we need positive messages like this. It not only helps students, it helps faculty and staff as they build their own careers in education.
Don Lovisa, President, Durham College

This is brilliant! You want students to be grabbed by something and this will grab them.
Eric Teoro, Assistant Professor of Business, Lincoln Christian College

I’ve had great success using the book and program. Students find it meaningful and encouraging, and it helps them do better in college, career, and life.
Ian McNee, Faculty, Durham College

An awesome presentation. It was a huge success. Great message, combined with the best use of PowerPoint I’ve ever seen. The students loved it.
Dr. Patrick Sherlock, Faculty, School of Business, Nova Scotia Community College


It was awesome. I feel inspired. There’s nothing like this in college and I believe it's vital to forming a great society and great individuals.
Britney Sinanni, George Brown College

It couldn’t have been any better for a group of university students. It got us really, really excited.
Megan MacKeigan, St. Francis Xavier University

It was absolutely inspiring. Just knowing that anybody can be successful inspired me to dream big. There are no boundaries. The sky’s the limit.
Justin Sharma, Okanagan College

It was the best presentation I’ve ever seen! I learned useful ways to achieve, rather than moping around at home, telling my mother I don’t care about school.
Thiuya, George Brown College

It spoke to me in so many ways. I am a mother, wife, college student, and career woman, and it gave me the encouragement and knowledge to be great in whatever I do.
Adrian Stinson, Student Life Office, Grand View College

It really made us feel we could do something with our lives.
Sarah McKenna, St. Francis Xavier University

I liked the attitude of the whole thing. It made the ideas relatable and accessible in a real-life context.
Rachael Gibbins, George Brown College

It was a great motivator to have it all summed up into “here’s what to do to become successful.” I thought it made a lot of sense.
Riley Wiebe, Mount Royal College

Although I consider myself a good student, I saw things in the presentation that I can start implementing today. Forget waiting to be successful until after graduation, I'm going to start now.
Melanie Lippert, Student Council President, Grand View College

Cool seminar. I’m actually excited to read a book.
George Brown College

We could relate to everything the presentation talked about. It was amazing.
Janell Karst, Royal Roads University

I like the way it communicated to students. It was relevant and made so much sense to everybody. I wish it had gone on longer.
Sarah McKenna, St. Francis Xavier University

I’m a visual learner and the graphics are so great. I loved the presentation.
Megan MacKeigan, St. Francis Xavier University

I feel better after the workshop, because I used to think I was the only person who struggled to find my passion and career.
Genevieve Dennis, George Brown College

I thought it was fantastic, very entertaining and funny. A lot of presentations are word-heavy, and I liked that this one also had pictures.
Matt Smallwood, Bishop’s University

I love the way it merges art and business. Business needs innovation and art needs practicality and this is a good merge of the two.
Humayun Khan, Ryerson University

Amazing! Really loved it and learned a lot. Please continue doing this presentation across the country.
Lauren Shiell, George Brown College