Richard was a “C” student. He studied the success of CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CTOs, CMOs, CROs, CIOs…

To discover what successful people have in common, Richard needed to interview hundreds of leaders and then compare the patterns that led to their success. In the business world, he came face-to-face with CEOs like Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Jeff Bezos, Martha Stewart, Richard Branson and Cynthia Trudell, the first woman to run an auto company. But he didn't stop at the CEOs, he also interviewed and studied the people who report to them. To name a few:

CTO: Nathan Myhrvold, Bill Gates' Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft

COO: David Lipkin, Chief Operating Officer, Method

CIO: Dawn Lepore, Chief Information Officer, Charles Schwab

CFO: Mickey Clagg, Chief Financial Officer, Bob Howard Financial Group

CMO: Laurie Coots, Chief Marketing Officer, TBWA Worldwide

Richard ran up and down org charts, interviewing successful employees at all levels, on the front lines, back lines, bottom lines, and assembly lines, and he discovered the common factors that lead to high performance and success in all areas of an organization. No wonder his content resonates with everyone from accounting to advertising, software to sales, marketing to manufacturing, HR to PR.

It not only had substance, it was fun. I had four high-level planners with me and they found it magical. Chris Jordan, President, Young and Rubicam Advertising

The talk was very motivational for me. Being in sales, you need those kinds of things to pump you up every once in awhile. I’ve seen a lot of talks and Richard’s was by far the best. Jackie Glacer, Manager, Irvine Carpet One

Richard’s talk was absolutely outstanding. It created a real buzz and got the board members talking about how to use his process to increase our success at all levels. R. Wayne Pugh, President, Appraisal Institute

His visual way of showing how success is built really captured our audience of CEOs. Paul P. Peeters, CEO Philips Electronics, Singapore