A Shy Guy Who Speaks to Thousands

For most of his life, Richard St. John was very shy and didn’t say much say.

Then he spent ten years studying success, and interviewing greats like Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, and the Google founders, and suddenly – bing! – he had lots to say. But communicating it to others meant doing the thing he feared most – standing up on stage and opening his mouth!

Richard was terrified of public speaking, but he pushed himself to do it. He started by speaking to small groups of five or six people, then he pushed himself to speak to 20, then 50, then 100. The more he spoke, the more the fear diminished.

Now Richard speaks worldwide to audiences of thousands. He has gone from being the “Most Scared Speaker at conferences” to being rated the “Most Inspirational Speaker” at conferences.

Richard is living proof that anyone can go from being afraid to speak, to speaking on the world stage.