At last, an Un-motivational Speaker

Richard St. John’s topic is success, so he's often called a motivational speaker. But he says he's NOT a motivational speaker. For one thing, he couldn’t pass the height requirement. All those motivational speakers seem to be giants. Richard isn’t that tall, and that's good, because he prefers to look up to audiences, not talk down to them.

Instead of being a motivational speaker, Richard is an informational speaker. He interviews the world’s most successful people, analyzes information on what helped them succeed, and then communicates it with facts, not hype, substance, not fluff, evidence, not opinion.

Many audiences prefer this approach and resonate with his information. So, ironically, the guy who is not a motivational speaker is consistently rated “Most Inspirational Speaker at the Conference.” But, don't tell anyone. You'll ruin his reputation as the “Un-motivational” Speaker.

Richard St. John scored 3.9 out of 4, making him one of the highest-rated, most inspiring speakers we’ve ever had at our conferences. Kristi Coombs, Manager Conference Programs, The Institute of Internal Auditors

It was a very inspiring presentation. Absolutely brilliant. It was one of those sessions where you walk away feeling great about life. Adam Khwaja, Producer, BBC

Richard St. John was rated the “Most Inspirational Speaker” at our largest conference for the business community. He scored 5.33 out of 6, the highest of all speakers. He takes the mystery out of success and shows how we can all get there, so he has been a great inspiration for me, too! Ellen Heggestad, Conference Organizer, Research Council of Norway, Business Innovation Day