When Richard speaks, nobody falls asleep. Except his wife.

Richard St. John has attention deficit disorder. That's actually a good thing for audiences, because he knows what it's like when a speaker doesn't keep him engaged. He'll start to fidget and his mind flies off in a hundred directions and he misses most of what the speaker is saying.

So, after spending ten years developing content, Richard spent more years making that content engaging for today's audiences. The result is a fast-moving presentation with 500 slides that's a feast for the eyes, as well as the ears; seriously thought-provoking one second and hilariously funny the next.

Audiences use words like "magical, fast, funny, fantastic, fun, exciting, energetic, and entertaining." So, when Richard speaks, nobody falls asleep – except his wife. But that happens at home, too.

I usually do a crossword puzzle during the opening speeches, but not this time. Richard St. Johnís talk was the best I've ever heard. Robert M. Abisla, VP, Director of Internal Audit, Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston

I was “wowed.” He has a way of infusing zip into the whole topic of success. Lucia Kuzminski, Vice-President, Millward Brown

It was the funniest, most insightful, engaging presentation, and a fantastic life lesson. John Mamela, Director of Product and Service Strategy, Fairmont Hotels

It was the most amazing PowerPoint I've ever seen! Gary Vaynerchuk, Renowned Social Media Expert